Longing for Spiritual Direction/Soul Care?

Spiritual direction is a gift from God in which one sits with another while both listens to the Holy Spirit’s direction to better identify and experience the activity of God in his or her life. The one person is accompanied by a trained individual known as a spiritual companion.

A spiritual companion does their own deep dive into internal self-knowledge, self-awareness, and external self-regulation with those in their circle of influence through the power of the Holy Spirit, towards spiritual growth and formation of their soul. In turn, they help others in their own journey to do the same by listening and asking open-ended questions that are God-centered to make their way home to Him!

The black community reflects a rich spiritual heritage seen in our forefathers and mothers providing soul care to one another during the heinous voyage of the Middle Passage. Soul care is still seen today in many black churches, and other black settings, in lieu of the continuation of systemic racism that still permeates throughout our nation today. (Barbara Peacock, Soul Care in African American Practice, 27)

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ”

African Proverb

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