Desiring a Soul Care Companion?

A Soul Care Companion (also known as Spiritual Direction) is a certified individual that accompany’s another while helping them discover self-awareness and God’s awareness (activities in their lives) towards healing, wholeness, and leading from their authentic selves.

Soul Care Companions are invited to attentively and actively listen to the stories of another while creating space to hold each person’s stories confidentially and sacredly in discernment with God’s Spirit because God delights truth in our inward being (Psalm 51: 6). Each session is one hour on a monthly basis with an evaluation at the end of twelve months towards potential further accompaniment.

As a Soul Care Companion, I stand on the shoulders of a rich spiritual heritage seen in my forefathers and mothers providing soul care to one another during the heinous voyage of the Middle Passage. Soul care is still seen today in many black churches, and other black settings, in lieu of the continuation of systemic racism that still permeates throughout our nation today. (Excerps taken from Barbara Peacock’s book, Soul Care in African American Practice, 27)

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COST: $125 per session

“If you want to go fast…GO ALONE. If you want to go far…GO TOGETHER. ”

African Proverb